Alfalfa PEAQ Readings May 11, 2017

Dodge County Forage Council’s PEAQ Readings – May 11, 2017Alfalfa field

Dodge County Forage Council producers have reported PEAQ readings from around the county today, Thursday, May 11th. When alfalfa RFV’s near 160, it’s usually time to start harvesting first-crop hay.


 May 11, 2017      
 Location  RFV Height Growth Stage/Age of Crop
 Waterloo  200  22″  Vegetative/2 yr. old stand
 Waupun  211  20″  Vegetative/1 yr. old stand
 Fox Lake  217  19″  Vegetative/4 yr. old stand

Crown rot is prevalent in alfalfa fields.  When assessing your field for timing of the first cut, be sure to check the health of plant crowns and roots.  This can be done by digging 5 plants, deep enough to capture about 6 inches of the crown.  To assess crown rot, follow the protocol outlined in the UW-Extension Team Forage publication (A3620) at This publication provides guidelines for assessing whole plant health and images useful for rating alfalfa crown and root health on plants slit in half to check for discoloration.


Dr. Dan Undersander has a scissors clip website up and operational. Please consider entering forage quality of alfalfa, either by analysis or PEAQ stick.  The website is: ; from this page you can access the data entry site.

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