Mulch – The Gardener’s Friend

Mulch is one of the most important tools in a gardener’s arsenal. In fact, it can make many of the other tools unnecessary over the course of the growing season. Mulch reduces water evaporation from the soil. (Less use of the hose and sprinkler.) It also prevents germination of weed seeds and suppresses existing weeds. […]


Controlling Weeds in a Large Vegetable Garden

Matt asks what else he can be spraying or doing to control weeds in his ¾ acre vegetable garden. It seems that no matter what he does, Roundup, mulching with grass clippings, tilling, or plowing, more weeds keep popping up. Weeds are either annuals, biennials, or perennials and spread by seed, creeping root system, or […]


Landscaping Under Pine Trees

Michelle in Malone writes: We have 2 huge pine trees which we cut the lower branches off. We laid down black paper, added wood chips and planted a small bush. It looked nice for a while, but now is totally out of control with weeds and pine needles. I just can’t keep up with it. […]