Oriental Poppy

The Bold, Vibrant Oriental Poppy

Now that spring has officially arrived, the flowers will bloom and brighten the corners of the landscape. First will be the bulb flowers such as the crocus, daffodil, hyacinth, and tulips. Then, a late spring, eye-catching brilliant display of Oriental poppies will dazzle the eyes for many gardeners. Oriental poppies, Papaver orientale, are an old-fashioned […]

Harvesting Cinnamon

Spicing it up!

We might not give spices much thought while we’re using them, but many have a history that goes back to the beginning of civilization. Spices have caused wars and great adventures. They have been used as currency, status symbols, medicine, and for embalming. Spices come from the roots, flowers, fruits, seeds, or bark of herbaceous […]

Mark Krause and Tina Hopp

2016 February DCMGV Meeting Recap – 2/25/16

The February Master Gardener meeting featured Mark Krause, owner of Windy Drumlins, LLC Aquaponics, located one mile south of Horicon on Highway S. The major idea of the presentation is that we need to live off the land as much as possible. In the case of Mark Krause, he and his wife Fran live atop […]

Hand pruners and loppers

Pruning Away, My Friend

Early spring is a great time to get the gardening season under way. March is the ideal time to prune trees and bushes. The branches are still bare, revealing the structure of the plant and making any necessary shaping a snap. In addition, insects and diseases that might attack an open wound are not active, […]


Plant a Seed to READ!

Dodge County Youth Dairy & Livestock Educator Bonnie Borden was the keynote speaker at the annual Hustisford Community Library READATHON on Saturday. Area youngsters listened to local celebrity readers, made fun crafts with Sinissippi 4-H’ers, and enjoyed a snack lunch from the Sinissippi Socialettes HCE club….all with an emphasis on agriculture and where our food comes from.