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Family Financial Education


Free, Confidential Financial Coaching

The University of Wisconsin-Extension Financial Program provides trained volunteer coaches to help you increase your financial security. Learn more about if this program is for you, and how to enroll by reading:
 Dodge County Free Confidential Financial Coaching Brochure

Basic Budgeting Tools: Planning, Spending, Tracking

Credit and Debit: Strategies for Successful Management

Dealing With a Drop in Income (PDF, 8 pages, 164 KB)

Life Changes: Managing Between Jobs
(Cómo Arreglárselas Cuando No Tiene Trabajo)

Life Changes: Marriage, Babies, College, Retirement, Aging Parents

Saving and Investing: Paying Yourself First

66 Ways to Save:
Practical suggestions for smart spending and saving that can help consumers stretch their financial resources.

Investing for Your Future:
This 11-unit on-line home study course was developed by the Cooperative Extension system for beginning investors with small dollar amounts to invest at any one time. It covers basic topics such as setting goals, investment terms, finding money to invest, and understanding the tradeoff between risk and reward. It also includes the basic characteristics of each major type of investment–how they are purchased and what it costs to purchase them It concludes with how to select professional financial advisors and information to help you avoid becoming a victim of investment fraud.

Investing in U.S. Savings Bonds and Treasury Securities:
Learn all about Series EE, I, and HH savings bonds and other U.S Government Securities-safe, secure and offering attractive returns. You can now purchase government bonds online. The web site also includes a calculator to determine the value of bonds you may own.

The Choose to Save® Program:
Financial security is one of the most important issues for most Americans. Whether it’s putting kids through college, saving for an emergency, buying a house, or saving for retirement – having enough money for life’s demands is among our biggest concerns. And yet, many Americans have not taken even the first steps toward a secure financial future. The Emmy and Telly award-winning Choose to Save® national public education and outreach program is dedicated to raising awareness about the need to plan and save for long-term personal financial security. As part of its mission, Choose to Save® develops user-friendly, multimedia materials to help individuals plan and save for their financial future, including: Public service announcements, Ballpark E$timate® retirement planning worksheet, online calculators, savings tips on wide range of savings topics.

Money and Children: Raising Money Smart Children

Financial Pitfalls: Payday Loans and Debt Repair

People that have poor credit can become desperate because they have no credit. Desperate people may make decisions looking for a quick fix, without full information. The following links provide some basic information on different options for persons looking for a solution…options that can become very costly over time.

Government Resources

Dodge County Human Services – Economic Support Programs / W-2 Unit
The Economic Support (ES) / W-2 Unit serves Dodge County residents who are faced with an economic setback or have not yet reached self-sufficiency. The unit provides services through the following public assistance programs:

  • Children First
  • Food Share (formerly Food Stamps) and Food Share Employment and Training (FSET)
  •  General Assistance  and Job Access Loans
  •  Home Energy Assistance
  • Medicaid and Badgercare
  •  W-2 Child Care, W-2 Payment Program and W-2 Case Management Only

WI Department of Workforce Development (DWD)
The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is a state agency charged with building and strengthening Wisconsin’s workforce in the 21st century and beyond. Under the DWD umbrella, a wide variety of employment programs can be found which range from securing jobs for the disabled, assisting former welfare recipients as they make a transition into work, Promoting employment in the state through Wisconsin Job Centers, linking youth with jobs of tomorrow, protecting and enforcing workers rights, processing unemployment claims and ensuring workers compensations claims are paid in accordance with the law.

National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day. This link will connect you with information regarding eligibility and sample application materials.

Dodge County Human Services – Aging Program
Aging Programs are part of the Aging Services Unit of the Community Support Services Division of the Human Services and Health Department. The Aging Services Unit manages the Senior Dining, Transportation, Alzheimer’s, Family Caregiver Support, and Elderly Benefit Specialist programs for the county. This link includes a great list of additional useful resources available for older adults.

WIC Program (Women, Infant, Children)
Information on the Wisconsin WIC (Women, Infant, Children) program that is managed through the Dodge County Public Health Services Unit is available through this link. WIC provides supplemental nutritious foods, nutrition and breastfeeding information, and referral to other health and nutrition services. The link contains income eligibility and application information. ACCESS Web site
Your connection to programs for health, nutrition and child care.  This interactive site helps users determine what health and nutrition and other funded programs they may be eligible for based on household, income, and other criteria.

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI)
Publication and consumer information available or call 1.800.236.8517

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