4-H Leaders Association

 About the Leaders Association

  • All leaders are Leaders’ Association members, and have completed Youth Protection Training.
  • As a registered leader, the Leaders’ Association provides you with liability insurance, financial support to attend leader trainings, resources for club meetings and 4-H mailings, and a voice in the 4-H Program.
  • Dodge County 4-H policies are discussed and made at Leaders’ Association meetings.
  • Meetings are held five times a year in February, April, June, September and October at 7.m. at the Dodge County Administration Building, Juneau. Watch the 4-H Newsletter for details.
  • Leaders’ Association Constitution (PDF, 7 pages, 43 KB)

 4-H Leaders’ Association Executive Board

  • The 4-H Leaders’ Board is made up of elected leaders.
  • Responsible for program development and direction in Dodge County 4-H, coordinating fundraising, developing an annual budget and all financial transactions.
  • They set the agenda for the Association meetings and prepare draft policies for items on which the Association needs to make a decision.
  • Advised by the 4-H Youth Development Agent.
  • Meetings are held at 7 p.m., at the Dodge County Administration Building in Juneau, Room 1C., usually opposite months that the Leaders’ Association meets. Meeting details are in the 4-H Newsletter.


  • To keep youth interested in 4-H.
  • Encourage county activities participation.
  • Increase parental involvement.
  • Make the county fair educational and fun.
  • Promote positive self-esteem.
  • Encourage active attendance at leaders’ meetings.
  • Promote the goals and objectives of UW-Extension 4-H Youth Programs.

2015 Dodge County 4-H Leaders Association Executive Board Members

  • Kim Pokorny, President
  • Tracie Luedtke, President-Elect
  • Noreen Dogs, Vice President
  • Amy Meyer, Secretary
  • Helen Weisensel, Treasurer
  • Eric Zillmer, Past President
  • Sylvia Hinrichs, Reporter
  • Diane Neff, Fall Forum
  • Amy Meyer, State Council
  • Delegates At Large : Carolyn Dehler, Courtney Meyer, Karen Schmidt, Kim Thrane
  • Youth Representatives: Laura James, Katrina Pokorny, Emma Whitlock, Solomon Vana

Leader’s Logue Newsletters

Dodge County 4-H Endowment Fund

This fund was established to provide funding for educational and leadership opportunities for 4-H youth and adults. The Dodge County 4-H Leaders Association sponsors grant awards from the Endowment Fund. Grant application deadlines are January 31 and June 30. Read More about the Endowment Fund.

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