2017 Dodge Co. Fair Junior Market Sheep Identification


Sheep Letter #1 outlines what a project member must do first.

1.  Please call 920-386-3790 or email the UW-Extension Office Support Staff, at ldei@co.dodge.wi.us by April 14, 2017 to request the number of tags that you/your family need(s) for 2017. Give your family name along with each project exhibitor name. We will package the tags for you with the “next step instructions” outlined later in this letter. You will arrange for pick-up at the Extension office individually or by club/chapter.

2.  Request your DNA Kit from the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) immediately. The Dodge County Fair ID/DNA Request Form has been linked here for your convenience. Or go to: www.wiid.org/dna-program to download the request form. Follow instructions for submitting the request (must submit $6 fee for each DNA sample of sheep you plan to identify for the fair). They will send a report to the UW-Extension Office with the names of participants from our county.

For a better understanding of DNA collection on livestock and ‘how to’ instruction; please watch this video link from Animal ID and the WLIC.

Sheep Letter #2  explains the next steps required in the Lamb ID process.

1.  At home you will be required to apply one Dodge Co. ear tag. These are only Dodge Co. Identification tags and are not 840 or RFID tags.  They will not identify your livestock at any other event such as the Wisconsin State Fair.

2.  Take your DNA sample.  Follow instructions on the DNA test kit from the WLIC. See video link above for correct collection of hair samples.

3.  Complete the 2017 Market Sheep Identification Form ; this form is a fillable PDF. Save the form as instructed in letter #2..

4.  Submit your Sheep Identification Form electronically to ldei@co.dodge.wi.us at the Dodge Co. Extension office by the Friday, May 5, 2017 deadline.

5.  Send in your correctly collected DNA sample envelopes and Documentation Form (yellow copy stays with Exhibitor) to the WLIC by Friday, May 5, 2017, following instructions in the kit that you received.

If you have any questions, please call the Extension office or your MAS Sheep Representatives.

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